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             I have been a shooter and hunter since I was a young child. I have always been fascinated with rifles and the accuracy they can deliver, and loved to shoot small groups. In 2001 I became involved with shooting 1000 yard benchrest matches and knew I had found something I could get hooked on. With some great coaching early on by some of the top shooters in the country ( a lot of whom are very close friends of mine now ), I became fairly good at the sport. In turn, I met up with a great shooter who taught me tactical shooting, and became a decent shot at that. I also got hooked up with a few of these guys doing some long range deer hunting, my longest one shot kill on a deer is 867 yards so far. What really grabbed my attention though, were all the gunsmiths I met and the shops I entered. By and large these were great people, and seeing I had quite the interest in gunsmithing and metal working, never hesitated to help me and teach me in any way they could.


            I decided a few years back to go ahead and buy some old used machines. I proceeded to teach myself as much as I could, and ask as many questions as I could get answered. I now have some newer and better machines and decided that I would really enjoy doing work for others as well as myself, so I applied and received the proper licenses and have begun a gunsmithing business. This is not my main source of income, I have a trucking business that is what I provide a living with, so I can take my time with a project and make sure it is done to the best of my ability.


          I am interested in making very accurate bolt action rifles, and also improving the accuracy of existing bolt actions. Sorry, but I am not interested in doing any work on pistols or shotguns, just bolt action rifles. I do, however, know some very competent gunsmiths that I can refer those guns to.

-------------------------------------Jeff Walker